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Hello! I'm Gav and I do 3D pictures and research into Doctor Who. I've done lots of features about Daleks and Cybermen for the DWFC Magazine and stuff for Doctor Who Magazine including three covers. I also do 3D sculpts for figurines which I'm rather proud of. If you want to see my most recent stuff I update my Facebook Page here. You can tell me interesting things or ask me random stuff on Twitter and I will always try to reply. The full workings of Dalek research is available online at Dalek 6388, and we're still in the process of finishing the New Series Daleks. Hopefully lots of new and exciting projects coming up in the next few months so keep an eye open!
Jul 20th
years ago
Elizabeth Sladen recorded her last ever scenes for her original stint on Doctor Who, in studio for Hand of Fear.
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artwork, 3D renders & videos
3D Daleks Gallery 3D Daleks Gallery
A showcase of my latest renders featuring New Series Daleks and classic models in exciting environs and unusual encounters.
Cybermen Artwork 3D Cybermen Gallery
Here is a selection of renders of my 3D models of Cybermen. I've build Moonbase, Tomb of the Cybermen and Wheel in Space costumes as accurately as I could.
3D Console Room Gallery 3D Console Room Gallery
A series of images showing my 3D artwork of the classic TARDIS console room interiors. Painstakingly reconstructed because I don't get out enough.
3D Daleks Workshop 3D Daleks Workshop
Here's the full collection of Dalek variants I've been tinkering around with since I first started modelling Daleks in 3D in 2004. The library now contains everything from the Dalek Supreme to the AARU Film Daleks.
Redesigning the Console Room Redesigning the Console Room
Following the news that the Matt Smith TARDIS interior would be new, and inspired by the Peter Cushing one, I wondered how I would make the TARDIS console room look if I was asked to design it.
New Series Dalek Model New Series Dalek Model
In 2006 I refined my rough 2004 New Series Dalek model in order to produce a series of renders for the series 2 DVD box set.
The War Doctor TARDIS Console Room War Doctor Console Room
Let's face it was all got excited when we saw the round things were back. Then we got even more excited when we learned the Doctor loves the round things. Here's my 3D model of John Hurt's TARDIS.
Series 5 Daleks - Victory Series 5 Daleks - Victory
Victory of the Daleks brought a complete redesign of the Daleks for the first time in 47 years, causing something of a stir....
3D Models of Other Monsters 3D Models of Other Monsters
Ice Warriors, Daleks and even the Malevalus from the TV Weekly Comics. I've started modelling things which aren't Daleks!
Reconstructed Missing Episodes
Using 3D computer models I am remaking short scenes from missing Dalek stories and create new CGI effects to stories where the original visuals were lacking.
Doctor Who Artwork
A selection of images covering in acrylic paintings, ink drawings from when I was thirteen, some odd bits of photoshopping and a McGann title sequence which The Mill clearly borrowed ideas from me for their new series titles!
Early 3D Modelling
Dating back to 1997 when I started playing around in 3D, here are a selection of models from - shock horror - TV Shows other than Doctor Who. I know, it's bizarre isn't it.
3D Console Room Gallery Console Room Virtual Tour
Spin your way around the Season 15 console room and enjoy exciting views of the fourth wall. I know, I've used this icon twice. I'm so lazy.
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  The 2003 Excitement Begins
  Series Two Overview
  New Series One Episode Guide
  Doctor Who Names Mean Things
  Veteran Actors
  The Big Death Count
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  The Dalek Hierarchy
  Doctor Who Place Names

Eight months in the making - although mostly on 'the back burner' this was an idea I had after rendering a Dalek Supreme in a corridor. What if 'Planet of the Daleks' had been made in the 21st century for the big screen? Here is my movie trailer for this epic story featuring New Series Daleks and a space ship which isn't made from reflective cardboard.

other projects, images, and stuff
Oh! Dad's Built a Dalek
Mr Mind Robber Senior has been building a New Series Dalek since summer 2007. Have a look to see how he's getting on.
Radio Times Cuttings
From my dad's 1960s scrapbook when he was a little boy come some lovely Radio Times memories.
11th Doctor and Amy Pond
The latest photos of the eleventh Doctor and his companion as appearing in 2010.
screen grabs of cleavage & things
  Matt Smith and Karen Gillan S5
  PIctures of Rose, Billie Piper
  The 8th Doctor Gothic TARDIS
  8th Doctor Paul McGann Images
  7th Doctor 1996 Images
  Dalek Invasion of Earth Images
  New Series Three Images
  Series Two Image Gallery
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research, data, lists and fact files
Radio Times Cyberman History The Radio Times Cybermen
How the publicity photos for the Radio Times ended up shaping the designs of the monsters more than the television show's own continuity.
TARDIS Console Prop History pt1 TARDIS Console Prop History pt1
There were four TARDIS consoles in the classic series and this article discusses the changes and upgrades during the reign of three Doctors.
TARDIS Console Prop History pt2 TARDIS Console Prop History pt2
The v2.0 Console was built for Jon Pertwee and was only used for a few serials during his time.
Police Box History TARDIS Prop History
An exploration of the battered old Blue Telephone Box on TV in its various guises through the decades. 1963 to 2010 and everything in between.
The Real Police Box The Real Police Box
But, I hear you screaming from your special padded room, what about the real Police Boxes upon which the glorious time machine was based? Fear not - I've done you some words and found some diagrams.
  The Police Box Map
TARDIS Console Prop History pt3 TARDIS Console Prop History pt3
The v3.0 Console was at first only used twice before a complete overhaul saw it completely refurbished and retained throughout all Tom Baker's era.
TARDIS Console Prop History pt4 TARDIS Console Prop History pt4
The v3.0 Prop continued to be used by Peter Davison, albeit so heavily refurbished that it's almost unrecognisable from its debut in Pyramids of Mars.
Dalek Prop History Dalek Prop History
Created in tandem with Jon from Dalek6388, the web site which first piqued my interest in the long history of prop recycling, this page counts every nut and bolt in Dalek history.
Interior TARDIS History Pt 1 Interior TARDIS History Pt 1
In an exploration of the inside of the time machine, we start with the original TARDIS control room set, and its small number of adjoining rooms.
Interior TARDIS History Pt 1 Interior TARDIS History Pt 2
I actually bothered to finish this. Thank you, you're too kind. Yes, it's all the weird changes to the console room from Jon Pertwee onwards.
Quick Reference Guide
A handy page listing writers, script editors, directors, producers etc, for all Doctor Who stories.
Latest and Future DVD Releases
Here's a list of the DVDs as they've come out and handy links to Amazon so you can spend your money as quickly as possible. Plus lists one to come. NEW
The Ratings Graph
An exciting graph showing the rollercoaster the show had in populatity through the decades. From the peaks of Hartnell and Tom Baker to the troughs of Troughton and McCoy.
TARDIS Console Prop History pt5 TARDIS Console Prop History pt5
The v4.0 Console was built to celebrate the show's 20th Anniversary and like the original prop would end up seeing out three Doctors.
Who was Dr Who for Longest?
It depends how you measure it! Tom Baker is the answer, but you could say it's Paul McGann. But then who was second? Tennant, Pertwee, McCoy and Hartnell all have a case...
Series 5 Production Diary
This would have been the ideal reference work for you, if it had arrived from the future and you wanted to stalk Karen Gillan and perhaps kidnap her. Shame on you.
Sontaran Fact File
All you need to know about the potato-headed short-arses. Lots of facts from their debut in The Time Warrior through to the new series.
Google Earth Locations
It does exactly what it says on the tin. Download Google Earth, then you can revisit some good old quarries.
Dalek Spotter's Guide
Using my Dalek models built and rendered in MAX, this set of illustrations shows the different Dalek colour schemes and Dalek types shown in Doctor Who.
Season Lengths
The Doctor Who world was rocked when the season lengths were reduced to 14 episodes, but how does the new series production volume compare to the classic series?
New Series Popularity
From a time before DWM conducted its already legendary 'Mighty 200' poll, this was my best barometer of the popularity of New Series Episodes.
The Deleted Episodes
A graphic showing the episodes of the first and second Doctor with which episodes survive and which do not.
Unseen Adventures
The now well-trodden ground of series 6b is here presented from my point of view, listing possible adventures based on things the Doctor has mentioned.