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I'm sure you've heard of season 6b by now, but I still found this fun and interesting to write up. Sadly, as with most of my ideas, I never bothered to finish it, so it ends on promises of more stuff when I get round to finishing it. Lies, I tell you.

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Doctor Who - Untelevised Story: The Metal Seas of Venus Doctor Who - Untelevised Story: The Metal Seas of VenusFar back in the ancient mists of time I produced a fanzine which contained an article about the now well-documented theory of season 6b and various other unseen adventures which we know about because the Doctor has mentioned them. I'm not a great follower of spin-off fiction, so apologies if some or all of these have since been made into Missing Adventure books, or whatever, but here are my fictional seasons charting the unseen Doctor Who adventures. These stories are listed in the order we hear about them, aside from their adventure on Quinnis which can be deduced to be their last landing before Totter's Lane.

Untelevised First Doctor Stories - Season Minus One!

# Ficticious Title Suggested Place/Time Story Reference and Evidence
a1 The Revolution France, 1789-99 A/H: Susan is able to correct a history textbook on the subject and its the Doctor's favourite period
a2 An English Adventure Liverpool, 1975 A: Susan seems to have experienced being in the UK in a post-decimalisation era, therefore after 1971
a3 The Metal Seas of Venus Venus, 2000 BC D: Susan has seen the metal seas of Venus (and the third Doctor knows their lullabies)
a4 The Savoy Opera Mystery London, 1875 C: The Doctor's coat was given to him by Gilbert and Sullivan
a5 The Screaming Forest Planet Esto, 3000 AD E/G: Susan has heard the screaming jungle before. On Esto there were screeching telepathic plants.
a6 The Impossible Greek Greece, 240 BC E: The Doctor says he has met Greek philisopher Pyrrho
a7 The Secret of the Tower London, 1530 G: Henry VIII threw a lump of chicken at the Doctor and sent him to the Tower of London.
a8 The Regent and the Dandy London, 1815 G: Beau Brummel said the Doctor looked better in a cloak

Untelevised First Doctor Stories - Season Zero

# Ficticious Title Suggested Place/Time Story Reference and Evidence
a9 The Innocents London, 1916 J: The Doctor and Susan witnessed a Zeppelin air raid.
a10 The Pacificts Planet Dido, 2490 L: The Doctor has been to Dido before
a11 The Mountain Mauler Montana M: The Doctor taught the art of fighting to The Mountain Mauler of Montana - whoever that is
a12 The Founding Twins Rome, 753 BC M: The Doctor has visited Rome prior to The Romans
a13 The Traveller Denmark, 1836 M: The Doctor said he gave the idea for The Emperor's New Clothes to H.C. Anderson
a14 The Engine Revolution Glasgow, 1763 Q: The Doctor was with James Watt when he discovered his applications for steam power
a15 The Boer War Mafeking, 1900 V: The Doctor saw the Relief of Mafeking
a16 The Immortal's Playroom Celestial Domain Y: The Doctor has met the Celestial Toymaker before
a17 The Fourth Universe Planet Quinnis C: TARDIS was nearly lost 4 or 5 journeys prior on Quinnis in the 4th universe.

Untelevised Adventures of the Second Doctor

It is not certain where these can fit in, but as Jamie is not recognised by Padmasambvha we can only assume they are solo second Doctor adventures, or Ben and Polly adventures.

# Ficticious Title Suggested Place/Time Story Reference and Evidence
b1 The Holy Ghanta Monastary, 1630 NN: Padmasambvha recognises the second Doctor
b2 Charge of the Light Brigade Balaclava, 1854 LL: The Doctor described the Charge in the Crimean war to Jamie (Could have been first Doctor)
b3 The Det Sen Mystery Monastary, 1840 NN: The second Doctor and he says there's trouble 'every time' he visits suggesting more than once
b4 The Holiday Planet Dulkis TT: The Doctor has been to Dulkis before (it could equally have been the first Doctor)

The Missing Troughton Seasons - The Season 6B Theory

In 1995, Paul Cornell put forward a rather wonderful theory which accounted for the following facts: In The Three Doctors, the second Doctor is a little older than he should be, and companionless. He is older again in The Five Doctors and even more so in The Two Doctors, in which he appears with a much older Jamie. In The Two Doctors is also able to accurately pilot the TARDIS, has a remote control for it, and says he works for the Time Lords! This is not the second Doctor we knew! The final fact to slot in is that in The Five Doctors, the second Doctor has full knowledge of the trial which was supposedly part of his final story, The War Games. Also to bear in mind is that the Doctor is aged 450 in Tomb of the Cybermen, but by the time of Pyramids of Mars he's 750! When did he fit in hundreds of years of adventures? Also, remember Sarah Jane finds the second Doctor's trademark recorder in the wood-panelled control room in The Masque of Mandragora?

The theoretical explanation for all this is that at the end of the trial in The War Games, as the Doctor is tumbling away, the Celestial Intervension Agency, er, intervenes. A bargain is struck, the regeneration is postponed, and the Doctor is sent on his way with a revamped TARDIS and told to go on some missions for the Time Lords.

Season 6B

# Ficticious Title Suggested Place/Time Story Reference and Evidence
b6 Justice of the Time Lords Gallifrey CIA HQ WW: The Second Doctor is given his freedom by the Time Lords
b7 The Fenric Mission Constantinople, 3rd Century 7M: The Doctor meets Fenric for the first time
b8 The Terror of Zodin Zodin Homeworld 6K: Mentioned in The Five Doctors
b9 The Three Doctors Earth, 1971, Omega's World RRR: The same adventure from the Troughton perspective
b10 Attack of the Silence Delphon AAA: Where the Doctor learnt to communicate with his eyebrows
b11 Fire of Death Krakatoa DDD
b12 The Medusoids Medusoids Homeworld QQQ: The Doctor says he was captured on his way to a peace conference
b13 Warriors of Glory Sontaran Space Station 6W: The second Doctor in The Two Doctors already recognises The Sontarans

Season 6C

Operating his ship from the wood-panelled control room, this second missing season continues with the second Doctor travelling alone.

# Ficticious Title Suggested Place/Time Story Reference and Evidence
b14 Napoleon's Strategy Napoleonic Wars KKK: The Doctor says he tells Napoleon that an army marches on its stomach
b15 The Draconians Draconia, 21st Century QQQ
b16 The Coronation Elizabeth I era MMM
b17 Minister of Justice Reykjavik, 51st Century 4S
b18 The Future of History Antoinette, Houdini, Cleo 4M: Meeting a few different famous people through history
b19 The Five Doctors Earth, 1983, Gallifrey 6K: Same adventure from Troughton's point of view
b20 The Moving Mines Korlano Beta 4R: The Doctor has seen something like the sand miner before

Season 6D

Either due to chance or for some odd reason known only to the Time Lords, the Doctor is reunited with his companions Jamie and Victoria again for further travels.

# Ficticious Title Suggested Place/Time Story Reference and Evidence
b21 The Reunion Dover 60s, Highlands 1745 WW: The Doctor picks up his two old companions for a new mission
b22 Return of the Cybermen Planet 14, 1965 VV: Cyber Director recognises the Doctor and Jamie
b23 Ghosts of Gallifrey The Master's TARDIS EEE: In their first meeting since school, the Doctor upsets the Master terribly
b24 The Living Statue England 1638 7K: The Doctor first meets the Silver Nemesis and sends it into space
b25 The Two Doctors Future and Earth 6V: Same story from the second Doctor's perspective
b26 Hitler's World Berlin, 1945 JJJ
b27 Death of a Time Lord Gallifrey Capitol WW: In a showdown with the Time Lords he is regenerated and exiled to Earth

Coming soon... The last of the missing adventures, including a whole Romana season unaccounted for!