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Doctor Who Random Facts

Some of these are actually quite interesting (if you like that sort of thing)... but some really are the most pointless pieces of information you will ever hear.

In an episode of Casualty, all the guest cast share character names with The Seeds of Doom, this being due to Doctor Who writer Paul Cornell scripting that episode of the hospital drama.
During The Keys of Marinus the four actors Michael Allaby, Martin Cort, Alan James and Peter Stenson between them played eleven characters.he
Two Play School presenters have been killed by the Daleks! Brian Cant is murdered by the Daleks in The Daleks Masterplan and Chloe Ashcroft was shot by a Dalek replica in Resurrection of the Daleks.
Barry Jackson has appeared in Doctor Who on two different occassions playing two unrelated characters both called Garvey.
John Lee who played Alydon in The Daleks went on to be a film editor and did the honours for the Tom Baker story State of Decay. 
The end credits of The Tenth Planet have accompanying music by Ron Grainer. According to the credits themselves however his name is 'Byron Grainer'.
Two companions have met their dopplegangers. Nyssa's was called Ann in Black Orchid. Romana I met hers in The Androids of Tara. However Ian Marter, Jacqueline Hill and Peter Perves have all played other roles in the series but the Doctor never mentioned the similarities.
William Hartnell's Doctor and Patrick Troughton's Doctor have both encountered their identical double in the universe. They were the Abbot in The Massacre and Salamander in The Enemy of the World respectively. Peter Davison's Doctor met the spitting image of his future incarnation in the form of Maxil in The Arc of Infinity.
In The Smugglers, in an odd coincidence for Dad's Army fans, an actor called Michael Godfrey played a character called Captain Pike.
During The Celestial Toymaker, Carmen Silvera and Campbell Singer each played three roles each.
Jane (of Rod, Jane and Freddie fame) had a walk-on part in The Gunfighters and is the daughter of the director of that story.
Mission to the Unknown is the only Doctor Who episode to feature neither the Doctor nor his companions, however, William Hartnell still received a credit.
In the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode The Neutral Zone, as Dianna Troi helps a woman from the past search for living family members the computer screen flashes up a family tree with the names William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee, Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker.
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