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Buy Classic and New Dalek DVDs Online, Daleks Books & Music

Davros - Genesis of the DaleksGenesis of the Daleks

Genesis of the Daleks is perhaps the best Doctor Who adventure ever made. It has political, technological and historical allegories, excellent acting, directing and, of course, Daleks. It details the creation of the Mk III travel machines by their genius creator, and the war with the Thals which preceded the very first Doctor Who adventure.

Terry nation delivers a strong script but it is Robert Holmes script editing influence which ensures this story ends up as a tight, well-characterised drama.


New Series DalekThe Complete First Series - New Series 2005

This box set is an absolutely must for anyone who remotely enjoyed the new series of Doctor Who. Unlikely the previous individual releases of episodes, the box set has extras coming out of its ears. And whereas some box sets just have extras on the final disc, this brilliant package has a selection of extras on each disk, plus the entire set of Doctor Who confidential (cut down) on another disk.

Nothing much needs saying about the episodes themselves but commentaries on certain episodes are almost worth the price alone. The commentaries of Rose, The Unquiet Dead and Dalek are of particular note and the video diaries of certain members of the team are very interesting and fun. The TARDIS container is a nice package and overall, believe me this set of DVDs is well worth the asking price, or probably more!


Film DaleksDalek Films Collectors Edition

If its classic 60s Dalek action you want, you can't do better than this brilliant set featuring the two Peter Cushing Dalek films that were made for the big screen. Full of colour and fun, and boasting the greatest number of Daleks ever seen on screen at once (until the new series cheated with computer graphics) these two films are wonderful for younger viewers and have plenty to amuse older viewers too. Featuring Dr Who and the Daleks, which was an adaptation of the first ever Dalek story, and Daleks Invasion: Earth 2150AD, these two multi-colour Dalek extravagansas are a must-have for Doctor Who fans and come with a selection of great extras including the very interesting Dalekmania documentary.


Film Daleks Invasion EarthDalek Invasion Of Earth - 1964

In this brilliantly restored DVD, the Daleks return for their second appearance in Doctor Who. Featuring famous scenes on Westminster Bridge and with new impressive CGI Dalek Saucers over London, this DVD release is a must for anyone interested in the Daleks.

Featuring the first Doctor, William Hartnell, and being the final appearance of his granddaughter Susand, this exciting six-episode adventure travels from the banks of the Thames to the heliport where the Dalek saucer has landed, to the the mine where the Dalek's bizarre plans are revealed!

Resurrection of the Daleks - Dead DalekResurrection of the Daleks

Terry Molloy's first appearance as Davros and Eric Saward's first Dalek story has a lot of action and follows on from the previous Destiny of the Daleks that had been largely written by Douglas Adams. This story was first Dalek story to have no input from their creator Terry Nation and also sees the departure of the companion Teegan.

The action switches at pace from a warehouse by the Thames to a space station and Dalek ship, and contains intrigue and sub-plots galore. It is also notable for the start of the Dalek civil war which was a plot carried through the next two stories.
Revelation of the Daleks Imperial / Necrosian DalekRevelation of the Daleks

This Colin Baker story is often said to be writer Eric Saward's finest work. His use of the Daleks is not suited to everyone's taste but his characterisation and dialogue is good. This story continues the Davros storyline begun in Destiny of the Daleks and advances it to the next stange, with the appearance of Davros' new breed of white/gold Daleks.
Remembrance of the Daleks ExplosionRemembrance of the Daleks

The final chapter in the Dalek Civil war trilogy is a superbly-written and action-packed story by Ben Aaronovich. His continuation of the the development of Davros' own Daleks in Revelation sees two entirely separate factions fighting it out for control of The Hand of Omega, a vastly powerful Time Lord device left on Earth by the first Doctor in 1963 which the seventh Doctor has finally come to collect. This story has plent of references to the past for die-hard fans of the series and lots of pace to keep the casual view amused.

Dalek-Related Music
Sherlock Holmes meets Doctor Who
Music for Brass & Saxophone Quartet

Here's something rare and quite interesting for the die-hard fan. Carey Blyton provided the distinctive incidental music for Death to the Daleks, and also The Silurians. Those eerie, creepy and sometimes rather jolly pieces of music which accompany the Daleks on Exxilon are all part of the Carey Blyton music performed by the Saxophone Quartet.

The interesting and memorable compositions for both this Dalek story and The Silurians form part of this CD which also includes other music composed for TV by Carey Bylton, which also includes Sherlock Holmes and other TV work.


Dalek CDs
The Evil of the Daleks

Now one of the few ways to experience this lost classic, this Audiobook presents the complete soundtrack of perhaps the greatest Dalek story every written, The Evil of the Daleks. It boasts an array of wonderful features including humanised Daleks, the first visit to the Dalek home planet Skaro since it became the hub of the Dalek's galactic empire and, of course the incredible Dalek Emperor who was first envisaged here but also now known to modern audiences through the new TV series.

At one time intended to be the final end of the Daleks (where have we heard that before?) this story is an epic seven episode which leaves the Dalek world engulfed in civil war and brought the new companion of Victoria into the TARDIS.
Dr Who and the Daleks Audiobook

William Russell, who played the role of Ian in the original television series, reads this David Whitaker novel in complete and unabridged form, first published in 1964.

The story combines the first episode of Doctor Who with the second serial, thereby elinimating the less than gripping adventure taking place in a stone-age setting. The school teachers of Ian and Barbara are thrown straight into the Dalek nightmare in this remarkable story.

The book was one of the first Target Books range of Doctor Who titles, and it is one of the most popular adaptations from the programme, and also one of the most unique both in its first person perspective and the liberties it takes with the telling of the story when compared to the origina version.


Dalek Books
Power of the Daleks

A regeneration story featuring the Daleks, what could be more exciting?! This is the second Doctor's first story and therefore the first story ever to feature the concept of regeneration. With the video sadly destroyed from the BBC archives, this book by John Peel is one of few ways you can enjoy this lost classic. Although embelished with lots of Peel's own ideas it remains faithful to David Whitaker's original story which feautres the Daleks at their most cunning.

Although disliked by Dalek creator Terry Nation, those who remember this story agree it was one of the best.
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