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Remote Control Dalek

Remote Control DalekThe radio-controlled Dalek was the Christmas toy of 2005 and remains extremely popular with children and unashamed adults alike. Its a well-made and chunky toy with tank-style controls to send each wheel forwards or reverse. Remote Control DalekUnlike earlier remote control Dalek toys this one allows you to control the voice seperately and the controller itsself is Dalek-styled complete with sucker-like arial! The head moves automatically as the Dalek moves along and the gun and arm are posable. All in all this is a superb piece of merchandise and well worth the rather steep asking price.

Mini Radio Control Dalek Battle Pack

Remote Control Battling DaleksA great fun set for having battles between two nice-looking new series Daleks. These radio controlled Daleks are 5 inches high each and have posable gun and arm like their big brothers above. They also have the flashing lights and speech. The idea of the game is to get five direct hits with your opponent via infra-red to de-activate the enemy Dalek. It also comes with an action figure of either Rose or The Doctor.
Doctor Who Dalek Board Game

The board game picks up the Doctor's story following his latest battle with the Daleks and the TARDIS needs repair. Travel through space and time collecting the components to fix the TARDIS without being exterminated by the Daleks! This game features interactive TARDIS and Dalek models!

Doctor Who Board Game
Dalek Cookie JarDalek Cookie Jar

Now you can combine your obvious love of cookies with your desire to open up a Dalek machine and devour the contents.

Please note this item is not dishwasher safe.

32 (h) x 24 (l) x 17 (w) cm
12.5 (h) x 9.5 (l) x 6.75 (w) inches

Click the link on the left to buy now.

Doctor Who - LCD Dalek Spaceship Game

Dodge the Daleks & their weapons in this fun little hand-held game, as you pursue attack the Dalek ship to win the battle & save the universe. Styled as a Dalek, the LCD, flips open to reveal the game! With sounds & 2 levels of play. Manufacturer's recommended age 5 years +.

It features: LCD display, Sounds, Flip open styled case, 2 levels of play. It requires 2 x AG13 button cell batteries which are not included. Manufacturer's recommended age 5 years +

Dalek, Davros, TARDIS, Doctor, Cyberman, K-9 and Bessie Figures

This lovely Corgi range of Doctor Who collectables were produced to celebrate the 40th anniversary of our beloved programme.

Dalek and Cyberman

Made by Corgi, these little toys are brilliant collectables. The attention to detail is really nice and they feel a nice weight and good quality.

The Dalek in this product is modelled on the classic "Chase" style which lasted throughout The Dalek's Master Plan, Power of the Dalek, and Evil of the Daleks. It my personal favourite style of Dalek. The Cybermen is an Earthshock style, although they reappeaed looking similar in both The Five Doctors and Attack of the Cybermen.

Click the link on the left to buy it now.
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