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Missing Episodes Reconstructions
Some short reconstructions I've done over the years, from the very first, basic Dalek on a telesnap backdrop to the most recent versions in which I contructed the virtual sets.

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The Evil of the Daleks Scene Reconstruction - Sep 2009

After a long break, I had another crack at a couple of short scenes. I was gripped with initial enthusiasm for this supposedly 'quick' video, and then slowly remember what a long, arduous pain in the arse it is to build the sets and key-frame the Daleks, I soon realised that I probably wouldn't be doing any more of these... Enjoy!

A crucial scene from episode seven when the human Daleks start to ask questions of their superiors.

The next scene ended up being reproduced in the Guardian newspaper along with the great work of Who Sprites. The Guardian Online version still has my image up here. I was very pleased with how this scene ended up and I got a lot of very positive feedback. I was also pleased to solve the age-old mystery of where the Daleks' greek names were written. Some sources had suggested the head or shoulders but I was able to eventually discover they were on the skirt.

The Evil of the Daleks Scene Reconstruction - Feb 2008

Power of the Daleks Scene Reconstruction - Oct 2006

My first attempt at a Telesnap scene. Above are the two original screen shots which I used as a basis to recreate the scene on the right.

Power of the Daleks Scene Reconstruction #2 - Jan 2007

This more complex scene was created using the above two shots as a basis. I also incorporated lip movements into the shot and doctored excerpt from Seeds of Death for some authentic Doctor Who scenery movement (despite it not being appropraite to the set).