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Doctor Who - Veteran Actors

This page is under construction. Actors are still to be added to the list.

Actor & Characters
John Scott Martin
Zarbi, Daleks, Robot (Colony In Space), Mutt (Mutants), Hughes (Green Death), Kriz (Brain of Morbius), Nucleus (Invisible Enemy), Guard (Robot), Gell Guard (Three Doctors), Villager (Dæmons)
Roy Skelton
Monoid Voices (Ark), Cybermen Voices, Dalek Voices, Computer (Ice Warriors), Kroton Voice, Norton (Colony in Space), Wester (Planet of the Daleks), James (Green Death), Chedaki (Android Invasion), King Rokon (Hand of Fear)
Derek Ware
Warrior (Crusade), Tuthmos (Daleks' Master Plan), Spaniard (Smugglers), Unit Sergeant, Astronaut, (Ambassadors of Death), Private Wyatt (Inferno), Pigbin Josh (Claws of Axos)
Gerald Taylor
Daleks, Zarbi, War Machine, WOTAN, Damon's assistant (Underwater Menace), Baker's Man (The Dæmons), Vega Nexos (Monster of Peladon)
John Caesar
2nd Man in Market (Romans), Monoid Four (Ark), Guard (Macra Terror), C.P.O. Myers (Sea Devils), R/T Soldier (Invasion of the Dinosaurs)
Walter Randall
Tonila (Aztecs), El Akir (Crusades), Hyksos (Daleks' Master Plan), Patrolman (Invasion), Harry Slocum (Inferno), Guard Captain (Planet of the Spiders)
Michael Sheard
Rhos (Ark), Dr. Summers (Mind of Evil), Laurence Scarman (Pyramids of Mars), Lowe (Invisible Enemy), Mergrave (Castrovalva), Headmaster (Remembrance of the Daleks)
Peter Diamond
Delon (Romans), Morok Guard, Technician (Space Museum), Sailor (Highlanders), Davis (Ice Warriors)
Dallas Cavell
Road works overseer (Reign of Terror), Bors (Daleks' Master Plan), Trask (Highlanders), Quinlan (Ambassadors of Death), Head of Security (Castrovalva)
Bernard Kay
Carl Tyler (Dalek Invasion of Earth), Saladin (Crusade), Crossland (Faceless Ones), Caldwell (Colony In Space)
Barry Jackson
Ascaris (Romans), Garvey (Galaxy 4), Jeff Garvey (Mission to the Unknown), Drax (Armageddon Factor)
Richard Beale
Refusian Voice (Ark), Bat Masterson (Gunfighters), Broadcast Voice (Macra Terror), Minister of Ecology (Green Death)
Ric Felgate
American Journalist (War Machines), Brent (Seeds of Death), Van Lyden and Astronaut (Ambassadors of Death)
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