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I'm sure you've heard of season 6b by now, but I still found this fun and interesting to write up. Sadly, as with most of my ideas, I never bothered to finish it, so it ends on promises of more stuff when I get round to finishing it. Lies, I tell you.

Some Random 3D Models from Long Ago


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Here is a collection of random odds and ends of artwork I've done in 3DS MAX since the summer of 1999.

Blakes 7 Liberator 3D Model

Martian War Machines attack London 3D Model

Star Wars Senate Ship 3D Model

CD and Tape Deck 3D Model

Star Wars South Park 3D Models

Red Dwarf Blue Midget 3D Model

Light Sabre 3D Model

Red Dwarf Dimension Jump 3D Model

Martian War Machine 3D Model

3D Artwork - Early Models done in Real3D on the Amiga

These images represent my first attempts at modelling, back in 1997, although for some reason the images from '97 are dated 1998. (Perhaps I was guessing when I put the year stamp on the images a couple of years ago). It's thanks to my friend Andrew that I was able to start modelling as he provided me with Real 3D on the Amiga and then competition with Daz spurred me on! These images were my proud creations at the time but, looking back, they leave a lot to be desired. Expecially when by comparison the phenomal T. rex from Jurassic Park was three years before these images!