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Season Three of Doctor Who - Preview Screen Shots

The following shots are from the first six epsiodes of season three named as: Smith and Jones, The Shakespeare Code, Daleks in Manhattan and The Lazarus Experiment.

Click here for the separate Daleks in Manhattan page!

The Globe Theatre - The Shakespeare Code

Human Nature / Family of Blood

Martha - Smith and Jones

Judoon - Smith and Jones

Doctor Who - Derek Jacobi - Utopia

Mr Saxon - John Simm - The Sound of Drums

The Shakespeare Code

The Shakespeare Code

The Face of Boe - Gridlock - "You Are Not Alone"

Martha Jones in the TARDIS - Smith and Jones

The Shakespeare Code - Dean Lennox Kelly

Mark Gatiss - The Lazarus Experiment

Mark Gatiss - The Lazarus Experiment

Judoon - Smith and Jones

Ardal O'Hanlon - Gridlock

The Doctor and Martha - The Shakespeare Code

Martha - The Shakespeare Code

It's like living inside a bouncy castle.