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So, You're Thinking of Emailing The Mind Robber?

I receieve a lot of email and although I do try to reply to as much as possible, it can be a chore replying to the same questions repeatedly.

Therefore, if you could have a quick read of this page, you will most likely find your question has already been answered and it might save us both some time! From now on, if I receive an email which is listed in the FAQ below, don't hold out much hope for a reply!

about artwork, 3D modelling and suchlike

Q. How do you create your models?
A. I model the Daleks mostly in 3DS MAX and I now generally render in Cinema 4D.

Q. MAX is really expensive, can you send me a copy of yours?
A. No. Brand new it is very expensive but if you're lucky you may find a second-hand copy quite cheap. Mine is about six or seven years old now. Oh and software piracy is a crime, etc. Also, drugs are bad, and you should drink responsibly.

Q. Will you send me your 3D mesh so I can use it for renders?
A. Sorry but no.
I am flattered by the number of requests I get to hand over a copy of my 3D mesh but unfortunately, because this model represents a great deal of time and effort, and also because it is not very well-made from a 3D modeller's point of view, I am not prepared to distribute copies. I'm sure most people who see an original sculpture in someone's house wouldn't be so cheeky as to ask if they could take it home, even if they did leave an identical copy in it's place.

Q. Please can you explain to me how to use MAX?
A. It's taken me years to learn what I know and, frankly, I'm still not very good. So sadly anything I try to explain in email is going to be brief and unhelpful. There are loads of tutorials, both in text and video on the web, which explain both complex and basic stuff.

Q. Please can you tell me how I start building a Dalek?
A. Sorry, but same applies. I had several attempts at my model and in trying and failing I learnt vital things about how not to do it. As I said, there are tutorials out there which will walk you through building techniques and I've even seen a complete "How to make a 3D Dalek" somewhere. Don't ask me where, sorry!

Q. I am making a computer game with Daleks in and I need your help!
A. I'm really sorry, but there just aren't enough hours in the day for me to get involved in other fan-projects. I run my own company as well as trying to fit in extra work on official DVDs, CDs, press ads, etc, and much as I'd love to help all these fan-based things I hear about, I just don't have the time. I don't even have time for all my own hobbies. If you wish to pay for graphics or design services, than that changes things somewhat.

Q. Can I use your YouTube clips in my own fan video?
A. You can, on two conditions. Firstly www.themindrobber.co.uk gets a credit, preferably in both the end credits of your video and in the text blurb which accompanies the video. Second condition is that you don't ask me to send you the video. If it is on YouTube then you can rip it down yourself. If you don't know how to do this then please don't ask me. Unfortuntely I don't have time to rebuild existing videos for broadcast quality, and nor can I put CDs in the post with uncompressed versions of what is on YouTube.

Q. Will you put a link on your website to mine?
A. Feel free to send me a link and if I think your site is top drawer I might add it to my links page. However, I don't list many sites, only those which I think offer something of real value, or are very well made, or if you're a good friend of mine! So please don't be offended if I don't reply, or don't add your link.

Q. Can I use your artwork on my website or as my avatar?
A. Most people just nick stuff from my site anyway, so the courtesty of simply asking will spread joy and wonder throughout the world. If you'd be so kind as to credit www.themindrobber.co.uk link to this site, it would ensure you don't burn in the fire pits of Skaro for stealing.

Q. Haha. Yore site sez this but u r WRONG.

A. A lot of my site is waffle written off the top of my head, so if I can correct any nonsense, an email would be apprecaited. Unpleasant or gloating comments, either in email, or posted on forums of which I am a member, are not appreciated! It would be nice if there was more point to your email than this gem: "The black daleks name is dalek sec he was one of the cult of scaro it is enoying seeing that you don't know his name!" - I'm sorry but If you can't spell "Skaro" then please don't try to tell me what I don't know about Daleks. Punctuation is also appreciated where possible.

Thanks for taking the time to read the above. I apologise for the long-winded FAQ but honestly, 99% of what I get emailed is a repeat of one of those questions.

If your question doesn't resemble any of the above, I'd love to hear from you.

Keep this website out of direct sunlight. This website may contain nuts. Your nuts are at risk if you do not keep up repayments.