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7th Doctor Images - Sylvester McCoy - TV Movie

Sylvester McCoyI always find it faintly amusing that some people don't think Paul McGann "counts" as the Doctor. Seems odd really as he's on the front of all the BBC books which feature "all" the Doctors, and his "TV movie" has all the Doctor Who trademarks. 7th Doctor in TARDISBut one other thing I find sad is the prospect of losing the "mature" seventh Doctor from the Doctor Who mythos. With Doctor Who off the TV between 1989 and 1996, if felt like we'd missed a huge chunk of this Doctor's life. Although you could sort of find it in the New Adventures, it has to be accepted that the reborn Doctor Who of the 21st century is slowly wiping out the possibility that these novels were canon, as we find NA stories reworked for screen. Just like we had two version of The Daleks Invasion of Earth (one with Peter Cushing) we now have two version of Human Nature. And I think it has to be agreed the novel of Human Nature belongs in the same bracket as Peter Cushing's Doctor. So what happened to the seventh Doctor after Survival? He was sorting out his dress sense and rebuilding the TARDIS by the looks of things. Seems he went very dark and moody, if this redesign of his ship is anything to by. Anyway, enjoy this screen shots.

Sylvester McCoy relaxing in TARDIS7th Doctor

Images © BBC Worldwide


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