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Doctor Who Game - The Chain of Morbius

My friend Stu and I invented a game. You can play it at home, or in work, or whilst riding a tandem. All you need is a brain full of knowledge about Doctor Who.

The game is called "The Chain of Morbius." You start with the Doctor Who story The Brain of Morbius, and you take it in turns to find a link to another story.

We introduced two rules:

1 - No direct cast/crew links.
2 - No direct writer links.

So you can't link Remembrance to Robots of Death beacause of Pamela Salem, and you can't link Planet of the Daleks with Death to the Daleks because of Terry Nation. However you can still use actors or writers as long as you're clever with it - such as
using Terry Nation to link The Keys of Marinus to The Android Invasion because they are they only two non-Dalek stories he wrote for Doctor Who.

Well you can make up your own rules. I'm sure there should be a clever way to have a points scoring system in the game too. We discussing having bonus points for making a unique link between two stories (like the Terry Nation one).

Here's our exmaple game anyway to show you how we play!
Have fun!

The Brain of Morbius
The Time Meddler
The first time we meet another member of
the Doctor's race like Morbius.
The Curse of Peladon
The TARDIS lands on a dangerous cliff edge
The Romans
Another story in which the TARDIS falls down
a cliff face immediately after landing.
The Poison Sky
Both have an ending where the TARDIS is
being dragged to an unknown location.
The Seeds of Death
Another occasion when aliens wanted to convert
the Earth's atmosphere for their own purpose.
Terror of the Zygons
The Doctor takes off from Earth in a ship
other than the TARDIS
World War Three
Another male companion refuses the next
TARDIS journey but returns in a later story.
As with Harriet Jones, the Doctor meets H.G. Wells
a prominent figure before they are famous.
The Unqiet Dead
Another story in which an adventure with the
Doctor inspired a great literary figure.
The Shakespeare Code
Both stories deal with a new companion's first
trip into their own planet's history.
The Chase
The first time we see Shakespeare in
Doctor Who.
The Invasion of Time
Its conclusion also sees the departure of two
companions simultaneously.
The Seeds of Doom
It was the preceding story using the four/two
episode plot format for a six-parter.
The Claws of Axos
Uses the same monster suit re-sprayed.
The Visitation
This featured another alien space ship buried
underground with just a small entrance visible.
The Fires of Pompeii
Another story where the Doctor's actions
directly affected Earth's history.
The Talons of Weng Chiang
Also features large monsters living in the public
service tunnels under the ground.
The Caves of Androzani
Both have scenes in which a companion pulls off
the enemy's mask to reveal a disfigured face.
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