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Starships and Spacestations
A selection of images from the 2009 book written by Justin Richards and designed by Lee Binding.

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Here is a collection of 3D renders of various 'Starships and Spacestations'.

Slitheen Ship from Aliens of LondonT-Mat Cubicle from Seeds of Death

Above left is the Slitheen ship from Aliens of London - at least, I assume it's the Slitheen ship. There was a pig piloting it, wasn't there? But I presume it was the Slitheen ship and not a spare they brough for their fraud. Above right is a T-Mat cublice from The Seeds of Death. It's amazing how much you learn about things you've taken for granted when you really scrutinize them. For instance, the T-mat cubicles I could have sworn were simple box shapes, but actually they taper towards the back wall.

Armageddon Factor Marshall ShipHyperiod III from Terror of the Vervoids

Above left is the Marshall's ship from the last Key to Time story, The Armageddon Factor. Above right is the Hyperior III from the Trial of a Timelord segment often referred to as Terror of the Vervoids.

Death to the DaleksThe Wheel in Space

Above left is the Dalek Battlecruiser from Resurrection of the Daleks. Above right is the Wheel in Space from a Patrick Troughton story. Can't remember for the life of me what the story was called though...

The ArkMavic Chen Spa - Dalek Masterplan

Above left is The Ark from the Doctor Who story of the same name. I had some fun with this one since we were never shown a full shot of the craft, so I was able to take some liberty with it in adding some extra detail about and below the frame of the television picture. Above right is Mavic Chen's spaceship known as the Spa - never quite sure why.

Drahvin Spaceship - Galaxy 4Revenge of the Cybermen Spaceship

Above left is the Drahvin ship from Galaxy 4 which I'm embarrassingly mis-spelt as 'Galaxy Four' in the picture. How terrible. Above right is the Cyber-ship from Revenge of the Cybermen.