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Asylum of the Daleks - Every Dalek Ever
Series Seven of Doctor Who kicks off with a treat for Dalek fans. Every style of Dalek ever shown in the show. Featuring more props than ever before and bursting with excitement and geekery. This page covers my work on the artwork and screen shots from Asylum of the Daleks.

Matt Smith Battles all the Daleks in August 2012


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DWM 447 - Every Dalek Ever
In April 2012 I was contacted by the marvellous chaps at Doctor Who Magazine and asked if I could provide a render. Their concept was simple: create a gate-fold image which echoed the treat that was to come. All the main types of Dalek were represented from the past decades, with only one or two practical omissions due to their similarity to other props. Asylum of the DaleksFor example, there's only one type of Remembrance Renegade, the Destiny drone colour scheme is very close to the Genesis one, and there's no Mk 1 Dalek without the Invasion fender. But that aside, all the canonical drones are here!

Three issues later, for the fantastic issue 450, my artwork was made into a poster for the magazine, and very proud I am too.

The second trailer at the start of August revealed some of the treats that the episode has in store. At least five bronze Daleks, repainted paradigm props all in red, and a gigantic spaceship filled with Daleks.

Russell T Davies - Genesis Dalek PropAmongst the 25 or so Daleks brought in for this story was the prop belonging to former show-runner Russell T Davies. It was glimpsed in the trailer amidst explosions galore as the Doctor runs from an opened bronze prop.Asylum of the Daleks Render

Another little contribution I had to the artwork for this story came in Lee Binding's spectacular image for the episode which can be seen in full here. Due to the lack of high res colour photos from 1963 I supplied the render on the right which was incorporated into his stunning scene.

Asylum of the Daleks