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3D TARDIS Console 3.1 - 360 Rotation
Another spinny TARDIS console. It's fun, isn't it? This is a jQuery based script and is cross-browser compitable. But if there's an iPad or iPhone involved then this page will sniff you out and send you onto a version with a script which allows for touch screens. Clever, hey?

360 Degree View of the 'Invisible Enemy' TARDIS Console


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This rotating model is a view of the Tom Baker console created for The Invisible Enemy after the white console room had been absent for a while. It was the third console made and you can learn about on the History of the Console 3.1 page.

iPhone OptimisedThere is an iPad / iPhone version of this image for touch-screen.

360 PyramidsIf you like this then view the Pyramids of Mars 360 Console. For more renders of this console and its accompanying version of the control room, visit the TARDIS renders page.

This brilliant idea came from Luke at www.thedoctorwhosite.co.uk so big thanks to him. Coming soon - a 360 of the Invisible Enemy console.

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