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  Character Options 5" Figures Guide
When the new series began in 2005 the licenses for creating new merchandise included Character Options who were to create a line of high-quality toys based around the 21st century characters. This page details the figures that were released starting in February 2006 and it should be noted that no 6" figures were created during the actual year of the revival. Further Series One characters and monsters such as Autons will be created retrospectively in 2007.
The Doctor (David Tennant)

This version of the tenth Doctor is wearing his long overcoat and holding the Sonic screwdriver.

This is a great articulated figure from Character Options although a coat made from fabric rather than moulded plastic might have been nicer.
The Doctor (David Tennant)

This version of the Character Options tenth Doctor figure has him wearing his dapper pinstripe suit. As with all Character Options toys the likeness to the actor David Tennant is pretty good and this is a quality posable figure.
The Doctor (Christopher Ecclestone)

Not available on its own, this ninth Doctor was bundled inside the Dalek Battlepack and also in the Regeneration Set of two Doctors featured left. Sadly he is somewhat pre-posed and this must surely limit a little the games a child can play. He's never not ready for action! The regeneration set also includes a version of David Tennant wearing the ninth Doctor's leather jacket costume as occurs at the start of 'The Christmas Invasion'.
Rose and Rusty K9

This original figure of Rose is in a fighting pose and has the red hoody costume from her in eponymous debut story "Rose". She comes bundled with a rusty K9 figure that features a removable access panel. This pairing does seem slightly odd but nevetherless is a good product.
Lady Cassandra

This first wave version of Lady Cassandra from 'The End of the World' comes with three robotic spiders which acted as her servants during the episode. As with many of the original batch of figures this has become quite collectable now.
The Moxx of Balhoon

Also taken from 'The End of the World' episode, which was the second of season one, this popular character is very collectable now. The little blue chap is accompanied by two robotic spiders which did the evil bidding of Lady Cassandra and ultimately led to the demise of the poor Moxx.
A Slitheen

In what seems to be a deliberate mistake, this Slitheen toy is much more frightening looking than its TV appearance in "Aliens of London" ever was and actually makes it look like quite a respectable baddie. If you'd seen the Character Options figure before the episode you'd be sorely let down by their cuddly baby-faced portray. This is an excellent posable figure.
The Sycorax Leader

This beautifully made figure comes with club and whip. It is now extremely collectable as with much of the first wave line and regularly fetches £25-£30. Sadly when I lasy checked Amazon were unable to stock it at all but use the link on the left to check.
Lady Cassandra and Chip

This second-wave version of Cassandra from May 2006 was a dual pack and included differences such as Cassandra's frame being rustier than in the original batch, as well as the extra figure of her servant, called Chip. He is a fully articulated figure and there is lovely detail in her brain jar.

The first version of the Cyberman from character options had an open palm and no gun present on the forearm. It is a beautifully crafted figure is a very nice addition to any collection.
Cyber Controller

This figure has a visible brain inside the head plus the extra detail of chest bolts. He appeared in the second part of the two-part Cyberman story from season two: 'The Age of Steel'. Also available was a thron set featuing two guards. For the normal version click the link on the left, for the throne, click below.

Cyber Controller with Cyber Throne and Guards
Captain Jack Harkness

This figure of Captain Jack hails from his 'The Empty Child' / 'The Doctor Dances' war era and wears a suitable flight Jacket. Obviously a partial (and ever inappropriate) tie-in also to the show Torchwood, named after the organisation he winds up working for. This toy comes complete with blaster gun.
Cyberman Mk 2

This third wave variant of the Cyberman has a clenched fist and gun on forearm. This is the more readily available now for obvious reasons. The detail on the toy is superb and when compared to some of the comparable figures from fifteen years ago, kids today really are spoilt!

This superb articulated figure figure from Character Options has sculpted hair and a very menacing looking form. In common with the Krillitanes, there was never an actual costume for this beast as it was realised solely with CGI.

From episide 2 of season 2 this alien infected humans with its wolf-like appearance and planned to take over the monarch to rule the world.
Orange/Brown Krillitane

The brilliant Character Options Krillitane comes with detachable and posable wings, and full articulated figure. The head of the creature is not wholly remniscent of the TV monster but still a very nice toy.

From episode 3 of season 2, the Killitanes adapted their shape over generations, and stole features such as wings.
Grey Krillitane

This is the grey version of the Krillitane menace, corresponding to the ethnically different human form of Mr Wagner, although the Mr Wager Krillitane creature was more black than grey it is neverthless a nice addition to the range and one for the completists.
'New Earth' Rose & New K9

Character Options released a new Rose figure wearing an outfit from Season Two Episode One: 'New Earth'. She comes with a non-rusty K9 that also features a removable access panel showing his innards.

As with the first wave version, an odd pairing as this costume and this dog had nothing to do with each other but still a nice dual pack.
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