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New Doctor Who 2005 New Dalek Page
Doctor Who 2005 - The New Series New Daleks

This is an old page!

CLICK HERE for the updated page!

When images were leaked of the new Daleks from the new series of Doctor Who (which will be aired in 2005 and starring Christopher Eccleston), I soon decided it would be a good idea to build a 3D model. It took 15 hours of modelling time and below is the result.

New Doctor Who Series New Dalek sideNew Daleks - Doctor Who Series 2005 front viewNew Dalek from Doctor Who 2005 - 3D view

This Dalek model was featured in an animation I did for the website and is now part of a random clip compilation in the YouTube video below.


New Doctor Who Series New Dalek Model

This 'new Dalek' from the forthcoming new series of Doctor Who should really be called an 'old Dalek'. It will soon become very confusing to talk of old an new Daleks because the new series will apparently feature two styles of Dalek. Despite the updated and quite different appearance of the Dalek in episode 6 of the new series, it represents the old breed of Daleks which we are already familiar with, and this is the style of Dalek which is represented in my 3DS MAX mesh.
Mesh for New Daleks from Doctor Who 2005 new series
Episode 6 has been rumoured to have been called 'The Museum Piece' and then 'The Creature Within' but its proper title is not known. The confusion will arise because the final two-part story of the new Doctor Who series will featur new new Daleks - that is a complete redesign of the Daleks, rumoured to bare very little resemblance to those with which we're familiar.

Three Daleks in the mist from the new series of Doctor WhoTwo Doctor Who Series New Daleks
New Daleks patrol the junglea new Dalek burns its way through a door

Details on the new Daleks

The new Daleks from the new series of Doctor Who at first glance most resemble the Peter Cushing Daleks of the 1960s movies. The reasons for this are firstly the new Daleks have the large bases that were only ever seen in the TV series once (The Dalek Invasion of Earth) and secondly the very large lights (only ever seen on TV on the supreme Dalek in Planet of the Daleks which was a borrowed stage prop). New to the design are the cyclindrical bases which each of the domes is set upon. There is intricate detail around the gun and arm joint with beveled triangle and diamond patterns and also a cut shape between the limbs. The mid-section of the new Dalek has chunky blocks which are bolted on and an inclined channel down the centre of each block which gets deeper towards the top. The neck section's vertical divides are thicker and the intersections with each neck ring have bolt fixtures. Finally the eye-piece of the new Dalek has a rectiliniar housing to hide the point where the eye pivots on the head. This housing has a channel cut in the top to allow the eye stalk complete vertical freedom.

Beyond these surface details these new Daleks are very true to their original form, however the whole body is wider than previous Daleks. When I built this 3D model I used the dimensions of an original 60s Dalek and the finished renders on comparison to the leaked production photos show that my model isn't broad enough. But for now this is verion 1.0 of the new series Dalek and when there are more photos to work from I will begin a more accurate model.

Please do not email me asking for a copy of my Dalek mesh, even in exchange for money. Due to the time and effort that does into building these models I do not like to part with them. Your understanding is appreciated.


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