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Home > Series 4 Reviews > Silence in the Library / Forest of the Dead

Silence in the Library / Forest of the Dead - Guest Reviewed

I wonder if Steven Moffat likes two-part titles for two-part stories.

I suppose what annoys me more than the fact they exist is the fact that fans seem to be unable to refer to the story by the title of part one alone, for fear of confusion in the anal little world of Getting Everything Right. Just like it annoys me that there's this bloody-minded insistance on writing Doctor Who And The Silurians. It's just a mistake, okay? Accept it, and remove the "Doctor Who And" from the beginning! No-one will get confused if you leave it off, honestly!

And if certain fans are so hung-up the rule of What's On Screen Must Be Right, then why are so many fans sensitive to calling the Time Lord "Doctor Who"? They should go and look at the title of episode five of The Chase.

So why will this story forever be referred to as "Silence in the Library / Forest of the Dead"? Thank God we don't have to talk about a story called "The Nightmare Begins / Day of Armageddon / Devil's Planet / The Traitors / Counter Plot / Coronas of the Sun / The Feast of Steven / Volcano / Golden Death / Escape Switch / The Abandoned Planet / Destruction of Time". It's a bit of a mouthful.

Anyway I digress. Mr Moffat's feelings on two-part story titles are just one of many things I wondered as I watched this story, knowing it was written by the man who would be in charge of the next full season of this marvellous TV show.

Everyone has waited with trepidation to see if the new man in the hot seat would continue to look like the best candidate in the world to take over as producer.

When Moffat has brough on both previous "normal" episode was sense of excitement and mystery as the Doctor and companion explore their new surroundings. Despite other writers attempting the same traditional Doctor Who format of finding something wrond and then investigating, Steven Moffat maintains the level of suspense far better and makes the mystery far more confusing, and therefore mentally stimulating.

He also constructs a puzzle and provides clues. I started to fathom that the girl was in a digital world, and that "saved" was a computing reference quite early. But other people I know were not so quick off the mark.

Next episode - Midnight


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